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Ebbe Bødtkjer receives the Skou award 2019

He delivers impressive research results and is unusually adept at attracting external research funding. This is the reason why MD and PhD Ebbe Bødtkjer from the Department of Biomedicine receives the faculty’s talent award this year. Help us celebrate him at the award ceremony.

When the Jens Christian Skou award is presented on Friday 4 October 2019, the recipient of the honour and the DKK 100,000 which follows with it will be Ebbe Bødtkjer.

Ebbe Bødtkjer is fascinated by the body’s ability to adapt to diseases, where increased metabolism or reduced blood flow leads to a local accumulation of acidic waste products. His particular focal points are circulatory physiology and cancer research, in which acid-base disruptions play a central role. He hopes that his research can contribute to better treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

You can find out more in the portrait on the Department of Biomedicine’s website, where Ebbe Bødtkjer goes into more detail about his research.

Come to the award ceremony

Would you like to see Ebbe Bødtkjer receive the award and hear how he makes use of basic scientific research to understand the how diseases develop and to create better treatment options for e.g. cancer patients?


Then come along and see when Ebbe Bødtkjer receives the Jens Christian Skou award on Friday 4 October 2019.  

“I hope that staff and students at Health will support the event and help us celebrate Ebbe. He is a promising research talent and he deserves to be recognised and honoured, both for his extensive efforts and for his impressive results. And also because it’s important that we take time to celebrate each other,” says Vice-dean for Research Ole Steen Nielsen.

How to register for the award ceremony

Ebbe Bødtkjer will receive the Jens Christian Skou award on Friday 4 October 2019 at an event in the Merete Barker Auditorium (The Lakeside Lecture Theatre) from 13:15 - 14:15.

The faculty invites you to an informal reception with snacks and a glass of wine immediately following the award ceremony. This will be open to everybody who has registered via AU’s webshop. The deadline for registration is 30 September 2019.

About the Jens Christian Skou Award

Each year in October, Health presents the Jens Christian Skou award to a junior researcher who is among the international elite. A researcher who is extraordinarily talented within his or her field of research, and who is both creative and productive. Last year, the Skou award went to Associate Professor and PhD Maiken Stilling from the Department of Clinical Medicine.


Health’s five department heads are the only people who can nominate candidates for the Jens Christian Skou award and each candidate must meet a range of criteria. It is not possible to apply for the award.


Associate Professor, MD, PhD Ebbe Bødtkjer
Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine
Mobile: (+45) 2487 0240
Email: eb@biomed.au.dk

Vice-dean for Research Ole Steen Nielsen
Aarhus University, Health
Mobile: (+45) 2476 5093
Email: osn@au.dk