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DSB will end the sale of electronic 10-ride multi-ride tickets on 6 April

Travel Expense Accounts recommends that you buy enough multi-ride tickets for approx. six months and obtain a Rejsekort Erhverv that employees can borrow.

Graphic: DSB

6 April 2019 will be the last day to purchase 10-ride multi-ride tickets through the DSB app. Previously purchased multi-ride tickets will remain valid for one year after the purchase date. Instead of multi-ride tickets, Travel Expense Accounts encourages all units to purchase an appropriate number of Rejsekort Erhverv travel cards. Rejsekort Erhverv is a physical travel card the unit’s employees can borrow for travel by bus, train or light rail. Read more about Rejsekort Erhverv

Buy plenty of multi-ride tickets now – they can be returned and refunded for up to a year

When you order Rejsekort Erhverv, delivery takes up to four weeks. For this reason, Travel Expense Accounts recommends that you buy enough electronic multi-ride tickets by 6 April to cover your travel needs for about the next six months. This will give you plenty of time to assess how many Rejsekort Erhverv travel cards your unit will need. If you overestimate your need for 10-ride multi-ride tickets and have purchase too many, they can be refunded for up to a year after the date of purchase. However, this only applies if they are purchased with an electronic invoice (EAN). 

If you have questions about electronic 10-ride multi-ride tickets or Rejsekort Erhverv travel cards, please contact Travel Expense Accounts here.