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Driftstatus.au.dk update and change of name

On 1 June 2018, the name of the website Driftstatus.au.dk will be changed to Serviceinfo.au.dk. At the same time, the layout of the website will be improved with more functions and improved information flow in case of interruptions or system failure.

If your email does not work or you experience problems when you try to access the staff portal. If the IT systems you use are being updated or in case of system failures, as of 1 June, you can go to Serviceinfo.au.dk, which will be replacing Driftsstatus.au.dk, to find information about system failures and planned changes which affect IT systems, telephony, power supply, networks etc at AU.

The name will be changed from Driftstatus.au.dk to Serviceinfo.au.dk primarily to ensure that the name also works in English because AU is an international university.

The new website will contain the same information as the previous website. However, some adjustments have been made in order to increase usability and improve the information flow in connection with planned as well as unplanned incidents. The change to "Serviceinfo" will take place Friday morning at 7:00, and only relevant information will be transferred from "Driftstatus".

The support units which add information to the website about system failures etc have been offered training or have already participated in training courses. In addition, the website will contain guidelines and information about the timing of the four planned annual service windows which will take place during the next four to five years.

Subscribe to Serviceinfo.au.dk
If you want information about e.g. planned system updates or about system failures, you can sign up on the website. Current subscriptions to Driftstatus are not transferred to Serviceinfo, so please remember to sign up again, if you want to receive information about system failures etc in the future. 

Serviceinfo will also be available on the Twitter account @ServiceinfoAUen which you can choose to follow on your computer, phone or other mobile devices.

Additional information
If you want to know more about serviceinfo.au.dk, please contact serviceinfo@au.dk.
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