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Do you want to be an educational ambassador?

Are you an active member of the teaching staff with a passion for innovating and developing the teaching - both your own and others? Then you can now become part of Health's network of educational ambassadors. The deadline for applications is 18 June 2018.

For the past two years, Health has had a network of dedicated educational ambassadors. The ambassadors work locally at the departments and the graduate school and have the task of contributing to teaching development. The goal is to optimise student learning, the pedagogical competences of the teaching staff and the quality of the study programmes. The ambassador network is anchored at the Centre for Health Sciences Education (CESU) which is responsible for developing the ambassadors’ competences and acting as a sparring partner.

Strengthened ambassador function and more money    

A new evaluation carried out by CESU shows that the ambassadors, CESU and degree programme directors have gained useful experience over the past two years. There is great enthusiasm and lots of ideas in the network and the link between CESU and the academic environments has been strengthened.

To ensure that the ambassadors are even better positioned to bring their competences into play in the academic environments, the faculty management team has made the following adjustments to the framework for working with teaching development at the faculty:  

  • Each ambassador is organisationally affiliated with his or her department's deputy head of department for education.
  • The ambassador applies for the position and is appointed for a period of two years.
  • The ambassador is expected to deliver a workload equivalent to 2-5 days a month. The specific tasks and expectations are agreed and coordinated with the deputy head of department for education.
  • The ambassador receives a grant of DKK 20,000 towards an inspirational stay at a university abroad.

New ambassadors needed to carry on the work    

With the new framework for the ambassador network as the foundation, CESU will now – with the support of the faculty management team – establish a new team of educational ambassadors.

If you are interested in becoming an educational ambassador at your Department, then now is the time to fill out the application form and send it by email to Liza Strandgaard at lis@cesu.au.dk. The deadline is 18 June 2018 and previous educational ambassadors are also welcome to apply.

Applications will be assessed by the deputy head of department for education and CESU and the appointment of new ambassadors is expected to take place before the summer holidays. 

Educational ambassadors – facts

  • You receive pedagogical and didactic competency development from CESU.
  • You get a diploma for your competency development which can be included in your teaching portfolio.
  • You receive a grant of DKK 20,000 towards a stay abroad.
  • You get direct access and insight into the forums in which important decisions about education and teaching are made.
  • You join a strong and committed academic network of like-minded colleagues.
  • You contribute to and can influence the continuing development of the teaching at your department.

Want to find out more?

You can find more detailed information about the ambassador network and working as an educational ambassador in CESU’s description of the network (PDF). Here you can also find specific examples of the tasks undertaken by ambassadors.

Read more in the article Health appoints educational ambassadors.

Manager for the pre-graduate area Liza Strandgaard
Aarhus University, Health – Centre for Health Sciences Education (CESU)
Email: lis@cesu.au.dk
Mobile: (+45) 2033 4777