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Do you want to be a quota 2 assessor at medicine?

This year, twice as many applicants to medicine will be invited to admission interviews via quota 2 as previously. Therefore, more assessors are also needed. Interested members of academic staff from the Departments of Biomedicine, Public Health and Clinical Medicine can sign up as assessors now.

174 assessors are needed for the quota 2 admission procedure at medicine.

Can the coming medical doctors listen and collaborate and are they are robust enough to cope with both the degree programme and the ensuing life of a medical doctor? This is what Multiple Mini Interviews or MMIs help to determine when the coming medical students at AU apply for admission via quota 2.

Last autumn, the Dean's Office decided to make the new quota 2 admission procedure to the medical degree programme permanent. This year, twice as many quota 2 applicants will be invited to the MMI interviews – a total of 384 – which will make it possible to recruit the very best students.

"Last year, there was a great deal of interest in being an assessor, and we received a lot of positive feedback from those who participated. I hope that even more will sign up this year and help to make sure that Health recruits the very best students," says Vice-dean for Education Charlotte Ringsted.

A total of 174 assessors are required. The departments coordinate the registration procedure and interested members of academic staff will be informed by their departments about how they can become an assessor.

Who, how and when

  • The assessors must be members of academic staff (professors, associate professors, PhDs etc.) from The Department of Biomedicine, The Department of Clinical Medicine or The Department of Public Health.
  • The MMI interviews will be held on 29 May 2017 between 7:30 -13:00 and 12:30 - 18:00. The assessors must participate in either the morning or afternoon session.
  • The interviews will take place at two locations: Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby and in the Main Hall/Ambulatory at the campus.
  • The assessors will take part in a three-hour preliminary meeting on 16 or 17 May 2017 from 14:00, which will prepare them for the MMIs. The same meeting will be held on twice, but assessors only need to participate in one of the meetings.
  • The assessor work is included as part of the assessor’s ordinary working hours. For PhD students, the task can be credited as teaching following agreement with the academic supervisor.
  • The individual department collects the names of potential assessors. Once this is done, the assessors for the quota 2 admission test are contacted by HE Studies Administration.

Contact and further information

Special Consultant and Project Manager Inge Hougaard Ipsen
Health Studies Administration, Aarhus University
Direct tel.: (+45) 8716 8363
Email: ihi@au.dk