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Do you need more information about external funding?

A new website offers information about external and internal rules and procedures in relation to administrative and financial administration of external funding at AU.

The site, which can be found on the staff services pages, is aimed at researchers and administrators who need guidance on the administration of external funding.

Link to page: Instructions regarding external funding (in Danish)

The website is divided into six topics:

  • What kinds of external funding must be administered by AU?
  • Legislation and guidelines
  • Useful information on external funding
  • EU framework programmes
  • Administration of external funding
  • FAQ

The website provides information about legislation and guidelines as well as AU’s internal procedures for administering external grants. You will find such useful information such as who needs to sign off on what kinds of agreements and the responsibilities of the various parties involved in administering different kinds of grants.

Additional information
If you have any questions, please contact:
Projects, AU Finance and Estates Projects and Development
Financial Control