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DKK 1.5 million for study on breast cancer

Researchers from Department of Clinical Epidemiology have received a grant of DKK 1,583,229 from the Danish Research Council for a study aimed at determining why some breast cancer patients do not respond positively to tamoxifen treatment. The study will be based on an ongoing, large-scale population based study of breast cancer patients (900 cases of recurrence and 900 matched controls). The study will provide an answer as to whether Pak1 expression can be used to predict which women will not benefit from tamoxifen treatment. Thus, it will be possible to spare these women for the side effects of tamoxifen treamtment and ensure that they receive alternative treatment instead. Behind the project are professor Tim Lash, professor Henrik Toft Sørensen and post.doc. Deirdre Cronin-Fenton from Department of Clinical Epidemiology and professor Steve Hamilton Dutoit from the Pathology Institute at Aarhus Hospital.