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Distinguished scholarship to researcher from Aarhus

Peter Vedsted from Aarhus University has just received the Magda and Svend Aage Friederich Commemorative Scholarship. He receives the scholarship for his contribution to research within general medicine.

For many years Peter Vedsted’s research has focused on general practice and its interaction with the rest of the healthcare system. He has focused particularly on the diagnosing of cancer and the role of general practice in diagnosing patients with symptoms that can be a serious illness such as cancer.

Now Peter Vedsted from Aarhus University is being honoured for his research. On Friday 13 June 2014, the researcher received the Magda and Svend Aage Friederich Commemorative Scholarship. The scholarship includes a check for DKK 100,000.

"We carry out research that directly contributes to new knowledge about how we should optimally organise the healthcare system with general practice as the focal point," says the scholarship recipient.

How the Danish population goes to the doctor

With his research Peter Vedsted is helping to create new knowledge about which health services general practice delivers and the best way of supporting the general practitioner in making serious diagnoses, where cancer is in focus.

"We specifically provide knowledge about how the population goes to the doctor, symptoms in general practice, cancer care pathways, diagnostic examinations and the cooperation with the hospitals," says Peter Vedsted.

He is pleased with the scholarship as it draws attention to the field of research and underlines the good and important work being done in Aarhus.

"Of course, I am honoured by this great and valuable recognition of me as a researcher within general medicine. What is most important, however, is that we have received such great appreciation for the work that we have been doing over many years. There is no doubt that being able to attract this kind of honour is very important for the research environment within general practice at Aarhus University," says Peter Vedsted.

Further information

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