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Dentist from Aarhus University receives the Bagger Sørensen Foundation's Talent Award

On Friday 26 September 33-year-old Rubens Spin-Neto, dentist and PhD student at Aarhus University, was rewarded for his research when he received the Bagger Sørensen Foundation's Talent Award 2014.

Even though he is still only thirty-three, Rubens Spin-Neto has already carved out an academic career which has been noticed both in Denmark and abroad. Having graduated as a dentist he is currently working on his second PhD project at the Department of Dentistry at Aarhus University.

He has published 40 research articles in English within the past five years in addition to the 20 academic articles he has published in Portuguese. And his extensive research work within the field of odontology was rewarded on the last Friday of September when he received the Bagger Sørensen Foundation's Talent Award 2014.

One of the reasons given for the award going to Rubens Spin-Neto was that: "Rubens Spin-Neto’s academic portfolio is impressive, especially taking his age into account. He has had a comet-like career within his field of research and he is a role model for many younger researchers.”

The talent award also includes a prize of DKK 50,000.

From Brazil to Denmark

Brazilian Rubens Spin-Neto graduated as a dentist in 2005 from Araraquara Dental School at the State University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Since then he has continued his education, taking a PhD at the same university. His work focused on bone transplants in connection with congenital deformities or trauma to the facial skeleton.

In 2011 he was affiliated with the Department of Dentistry at Aarhus University, first as a research assistant and later with his own PhD project, which is in fact his second. The project, which is expected to be completed before the end of the year, looks into CBCT scan imaging and the impact on image quality of patient motion during the scan.

The Bagger Sørensen Foundation's Talent Award is given to a talented researcher under the age of 40. The award is given to a researcher who has performed independent and excellent research.

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