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Denmark’s best hospital is located in Aarhus

The Danish healthcare newspaper Dagens Medicin today awarded Aarhus University Hospital the title of Denmark’s best hospital.

For the seventh year in a row, the healthcare newspaper Dagens Medicin awarded the title of Denmark’s best hospital in the category ‘highly specialised hospital’ to Aarhus University Hospital. Second place in the same category went to Rigshospitalet and third place to Aalborg University Hospital.

27 out of 33 medical specialities received a top three placing

Aarhus University Hospital received 14 first places among the 33 medical specialities that were evaluated in the competition. Moreover, the hospital received ten runners-up places and three third places.

Dagens Medicin has analysed all the available data on the quality of treatment at Denmark's hospitals, and supplemented this information with extensive national patient satisfaction surveys.

The newspaper also conducted a ballot among its healthcare professional readers, in which the readers evaluated their colleagues’ reputation. But the decisive factor in deciding which hospital is Denmark’s best is the quality of the treatment. This aspect is weighted with 75 percent of the total.

Close collaboration is the recipe for success

While Aarhus University Hospital was a clear winner of the competition to be Denmark's best hospital last year, its lead has shrunk this year. But that does not lessen the delight.

”We are proud to be able to call ourselves Denmark's best hospital again this year, because you can only achieve this if all links in the chain function. Regardless of whether you are cleaning the operating theatre or arranging a nutritionally balanced diet for the patient,” says Vibeke Krøll, Chief Nursing Officer at Aarhus University Hospital.

Dean Allan Flyvbjerg from Aarhus University agrees. Aarhus University has intensified health cooperation together with Aarhus University Hospital and the Central Denmark Region.

”All three parties in the health cooperation are in a strong position. But it is precisely the cooperation on research, clinical practice and education that is both pivotal and unique. It permeates all three organisations. From the bottom to the top and at all levels, what we all do is focus on the patients. And that is the reason for our success,” says Allan Flyvbjerg.

”I am confident that this closely interconnected cooperation is also one of the reasons why the National Board of Health has appointed us to house the new Danish Centre for Particle Radiotherapy in Aarhus. We are in a really strong position and thanks to this impressive award for the seventh year in a row, our leading position within patient treatment is even better cemented,” says Allan Flyvbjerg.

”However, we have no plans to rest on our laurels. We will all work as hard as we can to further raise quality in order to offer citizens even better treatment than we already do today,” ends Allan Flyvbjerg.

Read more in the article ”AUH fejrer titlen som Danmarks bedste Hospital 2013” on AUH's website.

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