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David Olagnier honoured for research into new cancer treatment

Associate Professor David Olagnier from Aarhus University receives a personal award from the William Nielsens Foundation in recognition of his work to fight cancer cells with the help of genetically modified viruses.

David Olagnier has helped to identify the NRF2 protein and demonstrated that this particular protein appears to be able to make cancer cells resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, among other things.

David Olagnier and his research colleagues will utilise this knowledge to investigate whether genetically manipulated viral particles can penetrate the cancer cells – without simultaneously destroying the healthy cells. If they are successful, the genetically manipulated virus will – once it has penetrated the cancer cells – be capable of producing molecules that strengthen the body's own immune system and kill the cancer cells by forcing them to burst.

The research will come to benefit patients with prostate cancer and lung cancer, but before the new cancer treatment can be fully developed, it must first be tested in cells and on mice.

The personal award of DKK 100,000 from the William Nielsen Foundation is made as a personal gift to David Olagnier.


Associate Professor David Olagnier
Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine
Email: olagnier@biomed.au.dk