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Construction of the light rail transit system along Nørrebrogade and Randersvej has begun

Contractors are now getting ready to begin the construction work along Randersvej and the tunnel construction beneath Nørrebrogade. The construction work will cause vibrations, noise and traffic delays.

Contractors have already taken over the car park next to the Victor Albeck Building in connection with the construction of the new light rail transit system, and their work will soon come to include Nørrebrogade and Randersvej as well. The construction of the new light rail transit system to improve public transport in Aarhus has begun.

Up and down Nørrebrogade and Randersvej until the light rail transit system should be ready for use in 2017, there will be noise, vibrations and the risk of traffic delays in connection with the construction work. This may affect those students, employees and visitors, who are used to travelling by car or bus to the parts of Aarhus University adjacent to Nørrebrogade and Randersvej.

Noisy tunnel work
Sheet plates and piles must be driven into the ground to stabilise the two tunnels which will be built under Nørrebrogade near the location of the existing tunnel from Wilhelm Meyers Allé. The tunnelling work can cause a high level of noise and vibrations all weekdays including Saturdays between 7:00 - 18:00. This will continue until March 2015 where the tunnelling is expected to be completed.

Leave home ten minutes earlier
The construction work on the actual light rail transit system will affect traffic on Randersvej. The light rail transit system will first and foremost take over two of the six lanes on Randersvej, though the biggest change is that the bus lane will be done away with, allowing cars to use this lane again. This may mean a risk of queues and traffic delays. Following this work, road users can look forward to markedly improved public transport to Aarhus University from 2017, when the light rail transit system will be ready for use. Though it will still be possible to travel on the buses as bus services will be adapted to the services of the light rail transit system.

Further information
You can find more information and keep up to date with the light rail transit project here.