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Come to the festival of historical knowledge at the Danish University Extension

The Danish University Extension in Aarhus and Herning invites you to the festival of historical knowledge during the weekend of 23 - 25 September 2016. The festival features a range of different events that all focus on the good life, well-being and health. This year with particular focus on the human body.

The coming weekend sees the Hearts & Minds festival of historical knowledge, which is organised by the Danish University Extension. The festival features fifty different events, all of which have the good life as their focal point.

You can take part in a run at sunrise starting from Marselisborg Marina in Aarhus; get a rare look behind the facade of the hospital sector when the Regional Hospital West Jutland in Herning opens its doors; see stand-up comedian Sebastian Dorset having fun together with researchers; eat with your senses at Restaurant ET; get 'into the flesh – horror and miracles' and hear the fascinating history of surgery at Aarhus University Hospital; or help to choose the best communicator at the 'Research Battle' taking place on The Kasernen Stage.

Rediscover and re-experience your body

Hearts and Minds is a festival of historical knowledge that focuses on health and well-being and gives you inspiration for the good life. The focus of this year’s festival, which is supported by the Nordea Foundation, is the body.

The festival will transport you right inside the body's engine room, muscles and mental well-being, and offers dance, sensuous experiences and social interaction. You can rediscover and re-experience your body – and learn more about yourself from head to toe.

You can register via www.hearts minds.dk (under the 'Programme' tab). Here you can also find the complete festival programme, including a description of the many events.

Several of the events are free of charge. Students can get a discount on some of the events that require payment.