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Colorectal cancer surgery and acute kidney injury

New PhD thesis from DCE focuses on the risk and prognosis for acute kidney injury among colorectal cancer patients

Developing acute kidney injury (AKI) after colorectal cancer (CRC) surgery is associated with an increased mortality within the first 90 days after surgery, compared to patients not developing AKI. That is one of the results reported in a PhD thesis by Charlotte Slagelse Jensen-Haarup from DCE.

In her thesis, Charlotte also investigated the impact of renin-angiotensin system blocker (ACE-I/ARB) use on the risk and prognosis for AKI in CRC patients. In her studies, she found that current and former users of ACE-I/ARB had an increased risk of developing AKI. In patients developing AKI after CRC surgery, current or former use of ACE-I/ARB was not substantially associated with increased mortality within one year after the surgery, when compared to non-users of ACE-I/ARB.