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Cardiologist Hans Erik Bøtker will be the new vice-dean of health research at Aarhus University

Professor Hans Erik Bøtker will take up the position of Vice-dean for Research at the Faculty of Health at Aarhus University in August. He brings 37 years of experience as a medical doctor and researcher in the field of cardiology together with a solid international network.

Sixty-three year-old Hans Erik Bøtker, professor, department chair, consultant and DMSc at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital, will take over responsibly for Aarhus University's health science research from 1 August 2020.

The new vice-dean is an expert in the field of cardiology research and has made a solid impression on both national and international cardiovascular research and the development of specific treatment methods. Hans Erik Bøtker is the man behind the discovery that a blood pressure cuff placed on the arm of people with a blood clot in the heart protects the heart in connection with a balloon angioplasty.

"Hans Erik is an eminently competent professor and research director who is very aware of the importance of constructive collaboration and good framework conditions in the individual research environments, and at the same time, has an international and strategic focus. This gives him the best possible starting point for elevating and developing the faculty’s research strategies while also keeping in mind the individual researcher’s conditions. I look forward to welcoming him," says Dean Lars Bo Nielsen.

Inclusive management

He emphasises Hans Erik Bøtker’s ability to strengthen research efforts by working across academic fields and geographical locations.

“We’re getting a vice-dean who has many years of experience of research leadership, and at the same time, also has extensive knowledge of the foundations, combined with a great talent for creating progress in collaborations between different disciplines. Hans Erik has natural personal clout and an ability to find common ground,” says Lars Bo Nielsen.

As for Hans Erik Bøtker himself, he is looking forward to developing the faculty's research strategy.

“I hope to be able to take my many years of experience as a researcher and utilise it on a strategic level at Health. Life as a researcher is full of good experiences, but there are also bumps in the road, for example when applying to foundations, and here I believe I can contribute by creating frameworks that make things easier,” says Hans Erik Bøtker.

Danish research on the world map

In addition to his work as a practicing medical doctor, Hans Erik Bøtker has also put Danish cardiology research on the world map. His focus has been on translating basic research so it benefits the patients. In addition to the discovery of treatment with the blood pressure cuff, he has gained international recognition for his development of a method for measuring the sugar intake of the heart muscle during a lack of oxygen, and for having discovered that different forms of medicine for diabetic patients not only control the metabolic disease, but also protect the heart. Finally, Hans Erik Bøtker has contributed to improving the treatment of spasms in the coronary arteries and diseases of the small blood vessels by establishing algorithms that can reveal angina.

The productive research career has also led to honours and awards. Most recently the Hagedorn Prize in 2019. The Marie and August Krogh Award in 2018, the Order of Odd-Fellows Research Award in 2012 and the Danish Society of Cardiology’s Research Award in 2005.

Over the years, Hans Erik Bøtker has been supervisor for more than forty PhD students and is presently supervising four PhD projects, which he will continue to do until they are completed even after beginning work as vice-dean.

Hans Erik Bøtker graduated as a medical doctor in 1983, earned his PhD degree in 1995 and became a Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) in 2001. He became a medical specialist in cardiology and internal medicine in 1999, a consultant at the Department of Cardiology at Aarhus University Hospital in 2002, and has been professor, department chair at Aarhus University since 2007.

Hans Erik Bøtker takes over from Ole Steen Nielsen, who after stopping as vice-dean will undertake specific functions at the faculty until he retires at the turn of the year.


Professor, Department Chair, Consultant, DMSc Hans Erik Bøtker
Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine and
Aarhus University Hospital, Department of Cardiology
Mobile: (+45) 4029 3389
Email: boetker@clin.au.dk

Dean of the Faculty of Health Lars Bo Nielsen
Aarhus University
Mobile: (+45) 3024 8203
Email: larsbo@au.dk