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Car enthusiasts raised DKK 30,000 for corona research

Veteran and classic vehicles rolled out of their garages on 5 June and took part in the Cruise Against Corona. Along the way they helped raise money for corona research at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University.

There was shining chrome, revving engines and petrol fumes galore as the Cruise Against Corona – a classic car rally – was held on 5 June in different places around Denmark.

Car enthusiast Carsten Dreisig Hansen had arranged the event instead of the summer’s usual classic car rallies, which were cancelled due to corona restrictions. Instead, he plotted tour routes and invited other car enthusiasts to come and join in. So they could still be together – but with everyone in their own car. Along the way, it was possible to donate money to corona research at Aarhus University.

A total of DKK 29,070 ticked in. The donation goes specifically to the special corona research laboratory at the Department of Biomedicine. This is where a research team is assembled to conduct research into the coronavirus and vaccine.

“We’re very grateful for each contribution. In connection with the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve had to set-up a new laboratory, and this has meant purchasing some new equipment. So it’s great to receive help with these purchases," says Thomas G. Jensen, who is head of the Department of Biomedicine.

He is also particularly pleased with the attention that virus research has received. Before the Cruise Against Corona there was the Corona Challenge. This was where sibling athletes competed against each other while also raising money for corona research at the Department of Biomedicine.

"The majority of viral and vaccine research is basic research which does not normally generate headlines. The corona crisis has changed that. Our researchers have been in the media on a daily basis to talk about viruses, infection rates and vaccines. This helps everyone to understand the importance of research into treatment and vaccines that can hopefully prevent the next pandemic. I’m certain that this is why we’re seeing popular support. And we really appreciate it,” says Thomas G. Jensen.


The money raised by the Cruise Against Corona will help purchase an autoclave, which is a device that uses heat, steam and pressure to sterilise the equipment used in the research laboratory.