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Two of the spring’s major events at Aarhus University – the MatchPoints Seminar and the Festival of Research - have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Match Points Seminar 2020 cancelled

We regret to announce that MatchPoints 2020: Denmark and Germany in Europe, which was scheduled for 23- 24 April has been cancelled. it has become clear that it will not be possible to hold the conference as planned due to an increasing number of cancellations and the restrictions on travel and large gatherings that have been  imposed in response to the coronavirus crisis. Aarhus University would like to apologise for the inconvenience to everyone who has been involved in the planned seminar – speakers, participants and suppliers. The university is considering whether holding smaller version of the seminar in the autumn will be feasible.

Festival of Research cancelled

In compliance with the latest instructions from the authorities, we are cancelling the Festival of Research at Aarhus University scheduled for 22 April. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has also cancelled all of its Festival of Research events. Aarhus University hopes to be able to present an equally exciting programme next year.