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BioBusiness Summer School

Introduction to the business world of Life Sciences on June 16 - 20 in Amsterdam

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the Life Sciences industry and do you want to know more about the business field and your career opportunities outside academia? Then take part in the unique program of the international BioBusiness Summer School from June 16th - 20th in Amsterdam, for a great introduction to the business world of Life Sciences.

BioBusiness Summer School will support you in your career orientation in industry and teach you the principles of biobusiness, such as product development, patents & licenses, finance, business models and entrepreneurship. The intensive five-day program will feature inspiring speakers, experts and professional trainers. You will gain knowledge about the business aspects of biobusiness, insight in the world of Life Sciences companies, meet leading business people, increase your international network and have a great experience in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Course objectives:

  • Learn about the main business topics in Life Sciences
  • Explore the international field of Life Sciences industry
  • Meet experts and business leaders
  • Gain insight in your own capabilities and profile

Target audience:

  • PhD students, post-docs and MSc students
  • Scientist in their first industry jobs
  • Scientist interested in starting their own company

Only a limited number of participants can be accommodated. If you are interested in participation, then secure your spot and register as soon as possible. Download the BBSS brochure or visit the website for more information:  www.biobusinesssummerschool.nl.

Register no later than May 18th