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AU researcher receives prestigious travel grant from international company

Rikke Holm Jensen from Aarhus University has received an international award for her research into the role of the sodium-potassium pump in neurological deseases. She will receive the International Travel Award at the Biiophysical Society's annual meeting.

This February, postdoc Rikke Holm Jensen will travel from the Department of Biomedicine to Los Angeles. She has been selected to present her research findings at the annual conference, which is being hosted by the Los Angeles Biophysical Society.

She receives the award for her research into the enzyme known as the sodium-potassium  or Na+/K+ pump. Errors in the special sodium-potassium pump in the brain can cause serious convulsions, paralysis and symptoms reminiscent of Parkinson's disease. Rikke Holm Jensen's results provide hope that it will soon be possible to develop drugs to fight these diseases. Her research is therefore welcome in the medical world.

"During my PhD degree I discovered a new mutation in the Na+/K+ pump that restores the reduced sodium and potassium transport which occur if there is a disease mutation in the pump. This is what is known as a secondary mutation with "rescue" effect. It has not been seen before and offers completely new perspectives in terms of making it possible to improve patients' lives," says the new award winner.

Conference with 7,000 researchers

The Biophysical Society in Los Angeles is using the awards ceremony to focus on new talents. At the same time, the aim is also for young researchers to expand their academic and professional network. The travel grant gives Rikke Holm Jensen plenty of opportunities to do this when more than 7,000 participants from the biomedical world visit the conference.

"I hope to be able to discuss my results with many other researchers and to get their feedback, as this will be really important for planning my coming experiments," explains the researcher, while also looking forward to getting updated on what is happening within her field.

Rikke Holm Jensen will be presented with the award during a reception at the conference. 


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