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AU researcher receives international award for new scanning method

Christoffer Laustsen's research into a new MR scanning technique has now resulted in international recognition and an award that also provides admission to the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM).

Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine and the MR Research Centre, Christoffer Laustsen, has received the ISMRM Junior Fellow of the Society award. The award was made at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine’s' 24th annual meeting in Singapore, where Christoffer Laustsen also presented his research results.

According to ISMRM, the award is given to researchers at an early stage in their careers who have an “outstanding quality and promise with a significant potential for helping the Society in fulfilling its scientific and educational mission”. The award makes him a ‘Junior Fellow’, and thus a member of an exclusive group of young, international researchers.

Sensitive scanner

Christoffer Laustsen carries out research at the MR Research Centre, where he is involved in the development of a new type of scanning. The technique, called MR hyperpolarization, is a new, magnetic scanning method that increases the sensitivity of the scanning more than 10,000-fold. Using hyperpolarization scanning it is possible to follow metabolic changes in the cells of the body in real time, without doing any damage, explains Christoffer Laustsen.

"We expect the new scanning method to revolutionise MR examinations of patients in the future. The opportunity to follow the effect of treatments in a harmless and extremely sensitive manner has shown particularly promising results," says Christoffer Laustsen.

The method has so far demonstrated its success within many disease types, including cancer, diabetes and diseases of the brain, heart, liver and kidney. Christoffer Laustsen is proud of the recognition that both he and the MR Research Centre have received. He hopes that his admission into ISMRM will help him to further publicise his work on MR hyperpolarization.

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