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AU professor receives grant for research into biological aging

Mogens Johannsen from Aarhus University has received DKK two million grant from the Velux Foundation for his research into biological aging.

Professor Mogens Johansen hopes to be able to ensure a healthier old age. Through his research he studies how fat and the carbohydrate metabolism affect the biological aging process. The objective is to find the correlation between the individual damage and diseases that are related to age. And the Velux Foundation has just given him a major grant towards this research.

“We develop small chemical probes that can map the places where the body’s cells are particularly vulnerable to damage as a result of ageing,” explains Mogens Johannsen.

The project takes place as a collaboration between the Department of Forensic Medicine, Department of Chemistry and Department of Clinical Medicine.

It is not the first time that Mogens Johannsen has received financial support for his research into biological aging. Earlier in the year he received DKK 350,000 from Ingeborg and Leo Dannins Scholarship for Scientific Research for 2014: Researcher receives distinguished research grant

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Professor Mogens Johannsen
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