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AU Launches a new portal for upper secondary schools

The online portal is a point of access to all of the university’s services and activities for the upper secondary school sector, and is intended to make it easier for users to access and search for relevant content.

The target audience for the new Aarhus university upper secondary portal is upper secondary teachers and managers, and is intended to strengthen the university’s collaboration with upper secondary schools by offering a large and varied portfolio of activities.

“The university and the upper secondary schools have a special relationship in that we are each others’ preconditions. We admit upper secondary graduates with the ability and desire for a university education, and some of our graduates return to upper secondary schools as teachers, to teach the next generation. This is why it’s in both our interests to strengthen our collaboration, in order to make the transition from upper secondary schools to the university and back again as smooth and academically rewarding as possible,” says Pro-rector Berit Eika. 

The upper secondary school portal provides inspiration to teachers, information about bridge-building programmes, talent programmes, information about further and continuing education, special events for secondary school teachers and activities for upper secondary school management teams.

The faculties and departments (Aarhus BSS, HE and ST)/school (Arts) are responsible for publishing and editing information about their own upper secondary school activities on the portal. The portal will be maintained by an editorial group which will include the faculties’ upper secondary school coordinators.

AU’s upper secondary steering committee and an advisory committee with members from all four faculties and the central administration participated in the development of the portal. which is a  collaboration between AU IT, AU Research Support and External Relations and AU Student Administration and Services.

Access the portal at au.dk/gym (in Danish), and contact Birgitte Højland,birh@au.dk or Lonni Klitgaard, lokl@au.dk for more information.