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The primary administrative system for the degree programmes, the STADS IT system, has reached its sell-by date. So Denmark’s eight universities, together with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, have agreed that it is time to replace it. AU will play an active part in the forthcoming national tendering process.

In 2016, Aarhus University took part in an evaluation of STADS. The conclusion of this evaluation was that the system is outdated and too expensive to maintain and develop. So the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish universities have agreed that the system needs to be replaced.

The goal is to acquire a technologically modern standard system with up-to-date navigation and user interface – including access for the students from mobile devices. At a kick-off meeting this week, the studies administration management team met to discuss the visions and plans for a new system. They agreed that Aarhus University must ensure a transparent process that includes employees and students from the start.

AU’s overall vision is to get a system based on the students’ user experiences that gives users a far better overview and more self-service options. Additionally, AU wants to streamline the studies administration work procedures and ensure as much harmony in the administrative processes in the sector as possible – to the benefit of students and academic and administrative staff.

Aarhus University is collaborating closely with the ministry and the other seven universities on acquisition, data structure and processes and will prepare a plan for the further process at AU in the coming months. AU expects to the new system to be operational in 2022 at the earliest.