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AU ID will be removed from international.au.dk/person

As of 1 December 2018, you will no longer be able to find your own or your colleagues’ AU ID at international.au.dk/person. AU ID will be removed from AU’s website for security reasons. Instead, you can look up AU ID in Outlook and at mit.au.dk.

You use your AU ID as your username for a number of AU systems. A number of AU employees also use their colleagues’ AU ID in connection with their work, e.g. when granting access to AU systems.

How to find your colleague's AU ID

If you need a colleague’s AU ID, you can look it up in Outlook. An Outlook guide is available here.   

Please note that it is only possible to find AU ID for permanent staff in Outlook, and that it is not possible to find AU ID using webmail.

How to find your own AU ID

You can find your own AU ID at mit.au.dk. A guide is available here. 

AU ID for non-permanent staff

If you need an AU ID for a person who is not a permanent member of AU’s staff, e.g. a co-examiner, please contact the person in question to get his/her AU ID. If relevant, you can refer to the guide to mit.au.dk.

Why will AU ID be removed from AU’s website?

An AU ID is personal data and must therefore be handled responsibly. AU ID is not confidential information, and you do not have to keep it secret. However, access to/use of AU ID should be limited to the instances where access/use is necessary – i.e. internally at AU. This is why AU ID will be removed from AU’s public websites e.g. international.au.dk/person.