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AU has switched to digital diplomas

Starting on 15 May 2018, AU will no longer send diplomas by post to graduates from Aarhus University who use e-Boks. Instead, you will receive your diploma in your e-Boks.

If you complete a degree programme at Aarhus University this summer, your diploma will be issued in your e-Boks. You can download the diploma from your e-Boks and use it in the same way you would use a scanned copy of a hardcopy diploma.

Not all international students use e-Boks. Those who do will receive their diploma in e-Boks. Students who do not use e-Boks will continue to receive a hardcopy of their diploma.

One advantage of digital diplomas is that they are easier to share with potential employers or other relevant parties, for example in connection with a job application, because you can share the diploma by giving them access to it in e-Boks.

And this means that it will be easier for your future employer to authenticate your diploma.

Read more at www.au.dk/bevis, where you can find out about the advantages of digital diplomas and how to handle them, both as a graduate and a third party. (English version of site available by week 23).