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AU and AUH has a new professor with special responsibilities (MSO)

Boe Sandahl Sørensen is new professor with special responsibilities (MSO) at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital. Here he will conduct research into molecular markers for use in targeted cancer treatment at the Department of Clinical Medicine.

The newly appointed professor with special responsibilities (MSO) Boe Sandahl Sørensen conducts research into the mechanisms in cancer cells which determine whether new targeted cancer drugs work. Working with his team of researchers, he has shown that a blood sample from a patient with lung cancer contains DNA from the lung tumour.

"I will examine whether the tumour DNA in blood samples taken during treatment is able to identify the best possible treatment and detect whether the treatment is becoming less effective. It will be a significant step forward for the treatment of cancer patients if tumour DNA in the patient's blood can reveal these mechanisms. It will be possible to use the blood sample as a library with information on the mutations of the cancer cells at the time when the blood sample was taken," says Boe Sandahl Sørensen.

New opportunities for cancer treatment

The research is important for both basic research and for the treatment of cancer patients. Detecting the molecular mechanisms that control the effect of treatment in the blood is a general concept that can potentially be used within many types of cancer.

"The professorship means there will be increased focus on these new cancer treatment opportunities and on the work of my research group," says the researcher.

Boe Sandahl Sørensen holds his inaugural lecture on Thursday 4 December 2014 entitled: ‘Tumour DNA in the blood predicts the effect of lung cancer treatment’.

The lecture will take place in the Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium, Building 10, Nørrebrogade 44, Aarhus.

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