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At AU library, everything is as usual - almost!

When you search for material on the website library.au.dk, you will be re-directed over to the new library system for AU Library, which is now located on the website kb.dk. This does not affect your search.

Photo: Maria Randima

Both library.au.dk and kb.dk are part of Aarhus University's library service, so when you use the website of AU Library, you should expect to navigate between both of these sites.

The reason is that the AU Library has become part of the Royal Danish Library, which now serves as a single access point to all material from across five different universities. However, AU Library remains your university library and is still a good place to start your search.

See more at library.au.dk or visit one of the physical library locations around the university.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the library.