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Annette Lund is the new head of Health Studies Administration

On 1 December 2015, Annette Lund took up the position of the new head of studies administration at Health.

On 1 December 2015, Annette Lund took up the position of the new head of studies administration at Health.
On 1 December 2015, Annette Lund took up the position of the new head of studies administration at Health.

With previous experience as acting deputy director of AU Studies Administration and divisional director at a private IT company, the new head of studies administration has plenty of experience.

"It’s all still new for me. At the moment I’m busy getting to know about the field of education at Health and saying hello to many new colleagues. Fortunately, I know Aarhus University well from my previous job as acting deputy director for AU Studies Administration. So I can make use of my management experience and the knowledge of education administration and its issues and tasks that I have from there," says Annette Lund.

She will have overall responsibility for educational administration at Health and will manage approximately forty employees working in areas such as board of studies support, course and examination administration, student guidance, clinical training and further and continuing education.

As head of studies administration she will also work both with and for the academic degree programme directors and heads of degree programmes. Something she is passionate about and looking forward to getting involved with.

"As an administrator, it's fantastic to be work with professional and highly skilled people who bring their insight, knowledge and understanding of the study area into play daily to support our vice-dean, directors of studies, department heads and heads of school in their work with our study programmes," says Annette Lund.

Annette will initially spend her time getting some insight into the structure of the study programmes, academic goals, and the various differences and common traits. But she is not in doubt about her plans for the studies administration.

"I will help ensure that we continue to have and maintain the best possible educational administration, which is rooted in the study programmes at Health, the visions of our directors of studies and the faculty's strategy. One way in which I will do this is through close collaboration with the fields of study at Health and by having a cohesive administration centre that is accessible and supportive for the benefit of our teaching staff and our students," she says.

Like coming home again

As Annette walked through the door on her first working day as head of studies administration at Health, she did so with a feeling of coming home again and meeting people who genuinely want to be part of the university.

"There is something or other about AU and its yellow walls and the people who work here. They are passionate about what they do and ready to pursue objectives that go beyond them themselves," says Annette Lund.

Annette Lund lives in Risskov in Aarhus with her husband and her two youngest children. Annette Lund has a Master of Laws from Aarhus University.

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