Aarhus University Seal


The university’s 90th anniversary celebration will be held this Friday in the University Park. After the party, the Student House will open its doors, and here you can buy a midnight snack, visit the cocktail bar in the Study Cafe, enjoy coffee and cognac in the Stakbogladen bookshop, taste Trappist beer with the university chaplains and much more.

On the occasion of Aarhus University’s 90th anniversary, the Student House invites employees and students to you to a huge after party following Denmark’s Biggest Friday bar and Sports Day on Friday 21 September. The doors will open when the party in the University Park ends at midnight.

Come immerse yourself in the university’s history – and have a nightcap and a bite to eat – in the classic AU yellow buildings. The Student House will be offering everything from coffee and cognac in the Stakbogladen bookshop, cocktails in the Study Café, midnight mass and Trappist beer with the university chaplains and a midnight snack in Studenterhusfonden’s cafeteria.

The halls of the familiar buildings will be turned into an exhibition of amazing historical photos telling the story of Aarhus University.

The story of Aarhus University is the story of its employees, students, researchers and volunteers. And you can relive it all at the after party for Denmark’s Biggest 90th Birthday Party, hosted by the Student Council, Studenterhus Aarhus, Studenterhusfonden, Stakbogladen bookshop and the university chaplains.

The doors will open when Denmark’s Biggest Friday bar and Sports Day in the University Park ends, and both employees and students, as well as anyone else who wants to join us in celebrating Aarhus University’s birthday, are, of course, welcome.

You can read more about the different activities that will take place during the entire evening:

Midnight mass – at midnight, naturally

This is your chance to experience a different, music-filled midnight mass.
Take a little time-out,listen to some nice music and some words for reflection – and not least, enjoy each others’ company. The midnight mass will be a small break in the middle of all the noisy festivities. There will be some words for reflection from the university chaplains, a musical performance by Jeanette Bonde, a song for the audience led by the choir, SMÅ-koret – and the opportunity to just enjoy.


Trappist beer tasting and monastery atmosphere in the Quiet Room.

Come along and taste some Trappist monk beer in the university chaplains’ Quiet Room. Feel and taste the atmosphere – and enjoy a little break with a short beer tasting where the beer will be served by ‘nuns’ and  a ‘monk’. The monk will tell you a little about the monastic orders, while one of the nuns will tell you about the beers you can taste.


Cocktail bar

Quench you thirst with the Study Cafés delicious cocktails! Do you want red, yellow or green cocktails? Studenterhus Aarhus will be serving any kind you want when they turn the Study Café and Mogens Ziegler stuen into a nice cocktail bar where happy volunteer bartenders will be ready to welcome you.


The Student Bar

The popular Aarhus spot, the Student Bar, will naturally be open as usual. Here, you can taste more than 250 different craft beers and hang out in the dark basement which has been a favourite spot for drinking delicious beers and kissing in the corners for much of the university’s history.


Preben Hornung stuen

In the beautifully decorated Preben Hornung stue, you will be able to get something to eat when Studenterhusfonden turns this normally quiet room into a fantastic midnight cafeteria. There will of course also be cold beers.



Stakladen is ready to party! There will be loud music and lots of dancing all night long.


Richard Mortensen stuen

On this special day, Richard Mortensen stuen will be converted into a cosy teacher’s lounge – a place for relaxation and reflection away from the dance music and the DJs.


Stakbogladen bookshop

If you are getting cold and need to get warm, Stakbogladen’s staff are ready to serve you coffee and cognac. This is a unique chance to explore the bookshop under anything but ordinary circumstances.