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Achillestendinopathy and pain

Brund et al. shoots a new RUNSAFE-based publication on pain into Scandinavian Journal of Pain

Are pain sensitivity in the Achilles tendon associated with running-induced injury? This question is raised by René Korsgaard Brund and coauthors in a new RUNSAFE-based publication. The study revealed the following result: Pain sensitivity in the Achilles tendinopathy was not associated with Achilles tendinopathy. However, high pain sensitive runners were developing 5 percentage-point (95%CI: -0.18 to 0.08) more Achilles tendinopathy episodes during 1500km of running compared with low pain sensitive runners.



Korsgaard, R.; Rasmussen, S.; Kersting, U.; Arendt-Nielsen, L, Palsson, T.S. Prediction of running-induced Achilles pain with pain sensitivity - a  one-year prospective study. Accepted by Scandinavian Journal of Pain, September 2nd 2018.

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