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Aarhus University to confer five honorary doctorates

From microchip design to health policy and RNA molecules: the research interests of the five new honorary doctors from top international universities span the spectrum. The honorary doctorates are being conferred to mark the university’s upcoming anniversary.

Collage of the five honorary doctors 2023
Aarhus University’s five honorary doctors 2023. From left to right: Professor Deborah Stone, professor Elena Conti, professor Hartmut Rosa, professor Kaushik Roy og professor Timothy L. Lash.

On Friday 15 September, Aarhus University will celebrate its 94th anniversary, and in keeping with tradition, AU will appoint five honorary doctorates on this day – one for each of the five faculties. The honorary doctorates are conferred on eminent researchers from other research  institutions with whom Aarhus University has a history of collaboration. The title recognises the recipient’s close connection to the university.

The 2023 honorary doctors are:

Professor Hartmut Rosa (Arts)
The renowned German sociologist Professor Harmut Rosa's ideas about time, acceleration and resonance in late modernity have had great influence on educational theory, philosophy, media and culture studies and theology.

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Professor Deborah Stone (Aarhus BSS)
Professor Deborah Stone is one of the world's leading experts on political science, particularly health policy. She has made enduring contributions to policy studies, in particular the crucial played by narratives, metaphors and numbers in policy debates and processes.

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Professor Timothy L. Lash (Health)
How should we deal with bias in epidemiological and clinical research? The leading American epidemiologist Professor Timothy L Lash has provided a number of answers to this important question by developing the theoretical and mathematical basis for bias analyses – methods for evaluating how systematic bias in data affects the results of a study.

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Professor Elena Conti (Nat)

Professor Elena Conti stands is recognised as one of the best structural biologists of her generation. She has done groundbreaking work on the circulation of RNA – the chain-shaped macromolecule which is an important component of the cells of all organisms.

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Professor Kaushik Roy (Tech)
Professor Kaushik Roy’s research interests include spintronics, device-circuit co-design for nano-scale silicon and non-silicon technologies, low-power electronics for portable computing and wireless communications, and new computing models enabled by emerging technologies..

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