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Aarhus University takes a leap forward in the QS World University Rankings

The university scores particularly highly on sustainability, where it is ranked number 15 in the world.

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Aarhus University has leapt 18 places forward in this year’s QS World University Rankings. It is now ranked number 143 in the world, compared with number 161 last year.

Two new indicators have been introduced in the rankings this year, sustainability and international research network, and Aarhus University scores highly in these categories.

AU’s initiatives to promote a more environmentally friendly and sustainable campus are reflected in its sustainability ranking, where it is number 15 in the world. For the international research network indicator, AU is ranked number 56 in the world.

Every year, the QS World University Rankings evaluate the best 1,500 universities in the world, and this year the top spot once again went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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