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Aarhus University is seeking a new board member

Michael Christiansen will step down from the Aarhus University Board when his term ends at the end of January 2017. The board encourages employees, staff and external stakeholders to propose new potential members by 24 October 2016.

Aarhus University has initiated the process of selecting a new external member of the board. The board encourages all employees, students and external stakeholders to propose possible candidates to replace Michael Christiansen. 

As planned, Michael Christiansen will step down from the board when his term ends on 31 January 2017. Christiansen became a member of the university board in February 2009 and has served as chair for the past six years. The board has nominated current board member Connie Hedegaard as chair.

The final decision regarding the appointment of a new member rests with the board. This will take place after a so-called nomination body has considered all the proposals which are received and has submitted its nomination to the board.

The nomination body is appointed by the board, and is comprised of the chair and the vice-chair of the board, two members of academic staff appointed by the chairs of the academic councils, as well as two members from the university’s employer panels, advisory panels and advisory boards.

The Board has eleven members. In addition to the six external members, the board is comprised of two representatives of academic staff, one representative of technical-administrative staff, and two representatives for the university’s students.

The requirements for the Board's members are described in Chapter Three of the Rules and Regulations of Aarhus University.

Please send your proposals for the new external board member to the Rector’s Office, Executive Secretary Susanne Holm, sholm@au.dkby 24 October 2016.