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Aarhus University is opening its doors to researchers fleeing from Ukraine

Thanks to an extraordinary grant from the Aarhus University Research Foundation, the university is opening its doors to researchers who are fleeing the war in Ukraine. With an AUFF-Ukrainian researcher fellowship, these researchers can continue their research for up to a year at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.

Thousands of people are being forced to flee Ukraine by the Russian invasion, among them researchers. Now the university will be able to help some of these researchers continue their work through fellowships financed by an extraordinary DKK 10mill grant from the Aarhus University Research Foundation.

Behind the initiative to create the fellowships is AIAS, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, which is deeply involved in the facilitation of fruitful research collaborations between Aarhus University and researchers from the rest of the world. And providing aid to researchers affected by the situation is entirely in the spirit of AIAS, said AIAS’ director Professor Søren Rud Keiding.

“Collaboration across disciplines and national borders is one of our core missions at AIAS – which is currently under threat because of the Russian attack on Ukraine. By helping researchers continue their work at Aarhus University, we’re first and foremost helping people in need. But we’re also working to safeguard the freedom to collaborate in future,” Keiding said.

Researchers who have been forced to flee Ukraine are eligible to apply for an AUFF-Ukrainian research fellowship for up to one year. In addition to assistance in getting settled in Aarhus, AIAS is offering these researchers safe haven in an international, interdisciplinary research community where they can concentrate on their work in peace.

Brian Bech Nielsen, rector of Aarhus University, also serves as chair of the Aarhus University Research Foundation. He is extremely pleased about the grant:

“Aarhus University supports bringing researchers together across disciplines and national boundaries. These are dark times, with war in Europe, and we are all affected by the horrifying reports from Ukraine. Reaching out to our research colleagues from Ukraine with this concrete initiative is a tiny ray of light in the darkness,” Bech Nielsen said.

Information about the open call for applications for these new fellowships for researchers affiliated with a university or a research institution in Ukraine is available here:



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