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Aarhus University has a new professor of medical physiology

Helle Prætorius has been appointed as a new professor at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University. At the department she will continue her research into membrane transport and cell signalling. In the long term, this research will help improve the prognosis for patients suffering from serious renal inflammations and bacterial blood poisoning.

Her research area – the membrane transport of cells – is well known at Aarhus University. Helle Prætorius has now been appointed professor at the Department of Biomedicine. Together with her team of research colleagues, she will investigate how local cell signalling is used for defence against bacteria in the event of severe inflammatory conditions.

"A professorship at Aarhus University really means a lot for my team and our ability to continue developing our exciting projects, all of which are based on the very surprising results that we have reaped together. The cell membrane is important as it protects the cell’s internal environment, but in addition, it is also essential for communication with its surroundings," explains Helle Prætorius and continues:

"In the basic scientific laboratory we have the luxury of being able to take some bold gambles which, in some cases, can lead to truly ground-breaking discoveries. Our group is working hard to make sure that our most important discoveries are so well tested that they can provide the basic components for new treatment strategies."

Promoting physiology

She is personally looking forward to being able to bring the subject of physiology into the limelight as one of the key subjects of the medical programme. Helle Prætorius emphasises that the research efforts among the teaching staff is the lifeblood of teaching future doctors.

"A research-based approach to teaching is absolutely essential in order to be updated when it comes to developing our subject – and thus able to deliver inspiring, up-to-date teaching for the benefit of all of us who will need a doctor at one time or another," says Helle Prætorius.

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Professor Helle Prætorius
Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine
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