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Aarhus University co-founds new strong university alliance

Aarhus University has joined a new alliance with five other research-intensive European universities.

Aarhus University has joined five other European universities in a strategic alliance to promote cooperation within both education and research. In addition to Aarhus University, the alliance comprises the following universities:

  • Humboldt-universität zu Berlin (DE)
  • King’s College London (UK)
  • Université catholique de Louvain (BE)
  • Universitetet i Oslo (NO)
  • Université Paris Diderot (FR)

In time, the students at the six member universities will be able to take advantage of the best from each, so the alliance will contribute to greater educational opportunities for all. The alliance will also work to promote intensified research collaboration between member institutions. The partners in this new alliance share an ambition to explore innovative forms of collaboration and knowledge-sharing and to derive mutual benefit from each other's strengths.And ultimately, the goal is to help each other advance and promote member institutions’ position in European and global academia.

The new alliance will now begin the process of developing the activities and elements which will be fundamental to the collaboration.

In addition, the alliance will begin work on an application for formal network status under a European Commission initiative, the so-called European University Initiative.

The alliance website