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Aarhus University at Aarhus Festival 2017

Experience the study environment at Mølleparken in central Aarhus, come to an entrepreneurship festival, play with gigantic soap bubbles and learn more about the world of literature. Aarhus University will be taking part in Aarhus Festival 2017 – get a taste of the AU events here.

Open house at Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby

Come and see Denmark’s biggest hospital building project taking shape at an open-house event on 3 September in the new buildings in Skejby. Visit the new A&E and acute admissions departments. Hear about Denmark’s only particle therapy facility, which from 2018 will be offering highly specialised proton radiation treatment for cancer patients. Explore the top floors, and see the new single rooms on the wards. Experience the pneumatic tube mail system, which sends samples around the hospital at lightning speed, and follow the construction of the new psychiatric centre.

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Expats reception

True to tradition, Aarhus Festival in cooperation with International Community, Aarhus University and Vestas will be holding an expats reception on Saturday 27 August in Aarhus Festival’s pop-up restaurant. The reception is a chance for expats to relax together with their families and meet other expats. The reception is an annual event, and last year 700 people attended. At the event, the Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard welcomes the participants, after which light refreshments and freshly made Italian ice cream from Paradis are served.

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Start of new academic year at Mølleparken

On 31 August, Aarhus University is inviting students old and new to a festive day at Mølleparken to give them a taste of the university’s excellent study environment. The programme includes entertainment by Aarhus Student Radio, the quiz nerds behind what is (perhaps) the toughest pub quiz in Denmark, the university’s chemistry show and performances of contemporary as well as classical music by the Royal Academy of Music. The Mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard and alderman Rabih Azad Ahmad will drop by for a chat about Aarhus as a university town, and the evening concludes with four strong music names from Studenterhuset’s Newbees Festival.

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Play with soap bubbles and see wild physics shows

The Danish Museum of Energy is organising giant soap bubble play sessions, fascinating physics shows and a virtual tour up one of the largest wind turbines in the world. Come to Byparken for a whole host of exciting, fun and instructive events about energy organised by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University.

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Entrepreneurship festival

The Student Incubator in Aarhus, DOKK1 and the city’s start-up environments are joining forces to organise a large-scale entrepreneurship festival. The festival is taking place at DOKK1, and Aarhus’s entrepreneurs are expected to flock there in large numbers for a fun-filled day away from the office. There will be ample opportunity for entrepreneurs as well as visitors to learn more about entrepreneurship and network with the city’s start-ups.

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Debate: Art, money and society

Assistant Professor Andreas Albertsen from the Department of Political Science, and Lars Christian Kræmmer, a visual artist and the co-founder of Artmoney, will look at phenomena such as value, economics and ethics from a political-scientific and artistic point of view. In his research, Andreas Albertsen concerns himself with different understandings of inequality as well as controversial markets such as the market for trading in human organs. Lars Christian Kræmmer is a visual artist, author, lecturer and originator of the Artmoney concept.

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Professor Andreas Roepstorff and author Siri Hustvedt 

Siri Hustvedt is one of America’s most successful writers, and her readers in Aarhus now finally have the chance to meet her at DOKK1 on 28 August, where she and Professor Andreas Roepstorff will discuss how literature can help us to understand the complex world we live in. Andreas Roepstorff is a professor at Aarhus University and conducts research in the cross-field between anthropology, neuroscience and cognition research. He is head of the Interacting Minds Centre, which brings researchers from different disciplines together.

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Literary Lounge

On 27 August, guests at the Literary Lounge include the poet Anne Katrine Bagai, who is currently studying Comparative Literature at Aarhus University. Her work has been published in Scandinavian journals (Slagtryk, Floret, Pisserenden Avis, henfald etc.) and in anthologies of short stories, and she is a former winner of the Danish short story championships. As a musical intermezzo, the musician Nils Lass will play his own evocative compositions.

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Aarhus Student Singers


Again this year, the Aarhus Student Singers are pleased to invite the public to an open-air performance of songs in the beautiful and unique Scandinavian male voice choir tradition on 31 August in Byparken. The songs are arranged for four voices for a particularly full and dense sound quite unlike that of mixed choirs. 

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