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Aarhus University appoints kidney professor

Jens Georg Leipziger has recently taken up the position of professor at Aarhus University. His speciality is the kidneys and their function.

Jens Georg Leipziger area of research is the kidney. He has extensive knowledge within kidney physiology and has now been permanently affiliated with Aarhus University as professor within the same medical field.

The kidneys control the water and salt balance in the human body. Hormones ensure that the balance between the intake of water and salt is consistent with the output of water and salt. And it is precisely this function that Jens Georg Leipziger and his research colleagues research in.

“Our research is essential to achieve a better understanding of the kidney’s function. And it is particularly important in cases where the kidneys do not work. The results will therefore be a great help for our medical colleagues,” says the newly appointed professor.

Since 2005 Jens Georg Leipziger has been employed as professor with special responsibilities (MSO) at Aarhus University and at the beginning of 2014 he was permanently affiliated as professor at the university.

He was born on 22 January, 1959 in Bremen, Germany.

Further information

Professor, MD, PhD Jens Georg Leipziger
Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine
Direct tel.: +45 8716 7731
Mobile: +45 6020 2760