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Aarhus Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard (MSc '08) sees the great potential of the city and has a clear vision on its future. The born and raised 'Aarhusianer' (The Danish word for someone from Aarhus) is very committed to make Aarhus a significant international player.

Jacob has been active in the Aarhus City Council since 2002 and in 2011 he became mayor of the city. As a member of the Danish Social Democrate he has the ambition to make a difference. Even though Jacob has lived abroad multiple time, he always returns home to Aarhus. His love for the city and his experiences of living in a foreign country, have motivated him to make the second biggest city of Denmark a great place to live in. Together with many other Aarhusianere, he therefore works hard to get Aarhus ready for the European Capital of Culture 2017. "It's challenging, it's interesting and also very fun. So it's the best city to be mayor in," Jacob says. 

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By Lotte Kamphuis and Tatiana Tilly