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Aarhus and Helsinki join forces in doctoral training

The graduate schools of Health in Aarhus and Helsinki Universities have agreed on a partnership in doctoral training. The new partnership expands the existing strong collaboration between the two graduate schools.

The roots of scientific collaboration between Aarhus and Helsinki are strong: More than 250 joint publications with over 200 collaborators have been published during the last 5 years in areas such as cancer, brain perception, public health and clinical research.

Now the graduate schools have agreed to support the development of young research talents by offering them widened access to expertise and knowledge in their chosen field. Knowledge-exchange across borders enhances the skills of PhD students and contributes to developing new knowledge, ideally promoting future research collaborations.

The graduate schools of Health in Aarhus and Helsinki Universities started to tighten the collaboration in doctoral training two years ago. They aim to strengthen the research training, facilitate mobility and internationalization, and increase opportunities for international careers. The new contract includes activities such as the exchange of PhD students and faculty and staff as well as joint supervision and courses.

“Because of the strong collaboration between the two universities, it is natural to expand it to include doctoral training and now we have the framework facilitating it”, says vice-dean, Chair of the Graduate School, Lise Wogensen Bach, from Aarhus University, Health And she adds:

 “Brain-circulation is important for obtaining new knowledge and future network”.

Chair of the Doctoral School in Health Sciences from the University of Helsinki, Hannu Sariola, further comments:

“Both Universities aim at internationalization and higher impact of their research. This contract supports these aims”.