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On Tuesday the 18th, it became easier for potential international students and employees to get an overview of degree programmes, career opportunities and campus life at Aarhus University: AU has just launched a new international website tailored to AU’s international audiences.

Aarhus University’s new international website is organised to reflect the needs of AU’s international audiences, whether they are curious about Aarhus University as a place to study or to work.

The international.au.dk website, students and researchers makes it easy for international students and researchers to find clear, accessible information about Aarhus University, along with other relevant topics – which doesn’t require prior knowledge about our degree programmes, research programmes, the university or our campus facilities or the Danish way of life.

In other words, the new English versions of the information available on the ‘uddannelse’ (education), ‘forskning’ (research), ‘samarbejde’ (collaboration) and ‘om AU’ (about AU) on the Danish site have been tailored to the needs of an international audience.


Feedback from international users

The decision to develop the international.au.dk website was in part based on feedback from users of the former English version of the university’s website, which was basically as an English-language version of the Danish website, rather than tailored specifically to international audiences such as potential students, PhD students or researchers. Other contributions to the design of the new international website have come from AU employees who work with international recruitment and from other international universities.


An independent website

Both external and internal respondents in the survey that provided the impetus for the new website cited a number of features which made it difficult for external users to navigate AU’s website. For this reason, the new English-language site has been designed to function independently of the Danish site.


Changes to the function of the language switch button...

Because the international website is independent of au.dk, there are now two separate points of entry for information about Aarhus University – the Danish website and the international website. The link between the two sites is the language switch button in the upper right-hand corner (‘English’ on the Danish site, ‘Danish’ on the English site). When you click the language switch button on either site, you will be redirected to the main page of the other site.


...but on on the staff services website

These changes only apply to pages that contain presentations of AU aimed at external users. This means that if you click the language switch button on the pages on the staff services subsite medarbejdere.au.dk, the student subsite studerende.au.dk or all department/school and faculty subsites, you will be redirected to a version of the particular page in the other language.

In other words, the change only affected the pages under the the main page of au.dk.

Explore the new international website here.

If you have questions about the new international website or experience problems with it, please write to typo3@au.dk.