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7,399 applicants offered a place at Aarhus University

Free intake is largely a thing of the past at Aarhus University, and the huge increase in the number of highly qualified applicants means that the grade point average (GPA) cut-off for the vast majority of degree programmes is higher than in 2015.

This year, a total of 7,399 applicants have been offered a place at Aarhus University, a 1.1 per cent increase on 2015.  A particularly strong increase is seen for the engineering, language and business degree programmes at Aarhus University, whereas the resized degree programmes are naturally seeing a decline in the number of student places offered.

"I'm very pleased to be able to offer the many new and highly qualified students a place at Aarhus University. We're seeing a higher intake of both engineering, language and business students, which is good from the point of view of the demand for graduates. Also, the GPA cut-off for admission to a large number of our degree programmes has also gone up, and most of our degree programmes are now subject to restricted admission. This also means that we'll have to turn down a lot of young people who have applied for a place at Aarhus University. We are urging them to contact the student counsellors as soon as possible, who will be able to advise them on their options," says Pro-rector for Education Berit Eika.

Aarhus University's business degree programmes are attracting particularly strong interest, which is reflected in the university's admission figures. Herning is thus able to offer 50 more student places for its degree programmes than in 2015, and the Business Development Engineer and Economics and Business Administration degree programmes are experiencing a particularly strong increase.

The engineering degree programmes have attracted many applicants again this year, and all engineering degree programmes starting in the summer in Aarhus are full. However, places are still available on the engineering degree programmes starting in the winter. Both engineering and business degree programmes form part of the university's strategic initiatives to meet society's and the labour market's demand for graduates. Read more about the strategy.

At Arts, the classic language degree programmes are witnessing an increase in student places – which is fully in line with Aarhus University's strategy of strengthening its language programmes through the further expansion of Scandinavia's largest research and educational environment within the major European languages by bringing together the language and business communication programmes at BSS and the language and culture programmes at Arts.

Also the university's health degree programmes have attracted many applicants, not least quota 2 applicants, who, as a new initiative, will account for 20 per cent of the new students on the degree programme in medicine.  The goal is to promote skills such as empathy, communication and robustness.

Many qualified applicants

Aarhus University received more than 27,000 applications in all, and more than 10,000 applicants had Aarhus University at the top of their wish list. The university has also noted an increase in the average marks of students who have applied for some of the university's most popular degree programmes with a limited number of places. Admission to several programmes has therefore been restricted, as the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of student places offered.

"It's wonderful that so many qualified applicants have been attracted by the high quality of our degree programmes, and that a record number of applicants have chosen Aarhus University as their first priority. Even though marks aren't the only way of measuring the students' academic level, they are a good indication that the students have a solid foundation from which to continue their studies within their chosen fields," says Pro-rector for Education Berit Eika.

Vacant places can be applied for in August

All applicants must accept their student place by 5 August at the latest. Places are still available on a number of degree programmes at Aarhus University.

Students who have not been offered a place at the university through the ordinary admission process can check to see whether places are available on related programmes. The initial deadline for applying for vacant places is 7 August. If places are still available after this date, it will be possible to apply again for a place on the programmes in question. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received.

The university's student counsellors are ready to advise students on choice of degree programme, application and admission procedures etc.:

Further information:

Pro-rector for Education Berit Eika, tel. +45 28 99 24 63
Head of Press Affairs Anders Correll, tel. +45 28 99 22 35 and ac@au.dk

Previous years' intake:

  • 2015: 7,322
  • 2014: 7,226
  • 2013: 7,276
  • 2012: 7,160
  • 2011: 7,177
  • 2010: 6,949

Highest GPA cut-offs in 2016:

  • Anthropology (AR), 10.7
  • Cognitive Science (AR), 11.1
  • Molecular Medicine (ST), 10.5
  • Medicine (HE), 10.9
  • Odontology (HE), 10.3
  • Psychology (Aarhus BSS), 11.1