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7,300 applicants offered admission to Aarhus University

This year, Aarhus University has seen an increase in the number of applicants with high marks. This means that the grade point average (GPA) cut-off for many degree programmes is higher than last year. Both the engineering and IT degree programmes have seen an increase in admissions – and the university’s new business communication programmes have got off to a flying start.

This year, Aarhus University is offering a total of 7,300 applicants admission to the university, which is on a par with the level of admissions in 2016.  However, there is a minor 1.3 per cent drop in the total number of places being offered as a result of the resizing of a number of degree programmes.

“I would like to warmly congratulate all those who have been a student place at Aarhus University. We are looking forward to welcoming the many new and extremely qualified students,” says Pro-rector for Education Berit Eika. 

This year, Aarhus University received close on 27,000 applications – of which almost 10,000 applicants had Aarhus University as their first priority.

On a growing number of degree programmes, AU has more qualified applicants than the number of student places available, resulting in GPA cut-offs on a number of programmes. In 2017, 63.6 per cent of degree programmes have a GPA cut-off, up from 61.8 per cent in 2016.

“Once again this year, we are seeing an increase in the GPA cut-off on a wide range of programmes, so that there is now restricted admission to more than 64 per cent of our degree programmes. It also means that we have not been able to offer places to some of the applicants to Aarhus University. We urge anyone who has not been offered a place to contact our student counsellors as quickly as possible, who are waiting to advise them,” says Berit Eika.

Berit Eika draws attention to the fact that both the engineering and IT degree programmes are seeing growth. Thus, this year 100 more student places have been offered on Aarhus University’s engineering degree programmes, while 26 more places have been offered on the computer science programme, for example.

“The increase in both engineering and IT programmes is very positive, as we have gone to great lengths to boost the number of graduates entering the labour market in these two fields,” says Berit Eika.

The student places are distributed across Aarhus University’s four faculties as follows:


At Arts, 1,983 applicants have been offered a student place.

As a result of the degree programme resizing, most of the degree programmes at Arts are seeing a fall in the number of student places being offered, and thus higher GPA cut-offs.

The four Bachelor’s degree programmes in business communication, which have been revamped after their transfer from Aarhus BSS, have seen satisfactory admissions, which this accounts for the 4.4 per cent increase in the number of student places being offered at the faculty. The proportion of students admitted to the four new degree programmes is 15 per cent, corresponding to 294 student places. 

Aarhus BSS

At Aarhus BSS, 2,607 applicants have been offered a student place.

The degree programmes Marketing and Management Communication and Economics and Business Administration have seen increases of between 10 and 38 per cent.

Since the 2016 intake, a number of business communication programmes have, as mentioned above, been transferred from Aarhus BSS to Arts. Thus the decline of 11 per cent in the number of student places offered at Aarhus BSS was to be expected.


At Health, 793 applicants have been offered a student place.

The number of student places at Health is on a par with last year. As expected, all the student places at the faculty have been filled.

On the degree programme in odontology, 12 more places were offered compared with last year.

Science and Technology (ST)

At ST, 1,917 applicants were offered a student place.

As mentioned above, marked growth is being seen at ST, on the engineering and IT programmes in particular. Overall, 7 per cent more places are being offered at the faculty relative to 2016.

Vacant places can be applied for in August

All applicants must accept their student place by 3 August at the latest. Places are still available on a number of degree programmes at Aarhus University.  

Students who have not been offered a place at the university through the ordinary admission process can therefore apply for a place on related degree programmes. The initial deadline for applying for vacant places is 6 August. If places are still available after this date, it will be possible to apply again for a place on the programmes in question. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received.

The university’s student counsellors are ready to advise students on choice of degree programme, application and admission procedures etc.  

Further information:

  • Berit Eika, Pro-rector for Education: tel. +45 28 99 24 63 
  • Anders Correll, Head of Press Affairs: tel. +45 28 99 22 35 / ac@au.dk
  • Anders Hylander, Communications Officer: tel. +45 93 50 85 69 / ahylander@au.dk  

Previous years’ admissions: 

  • 2016 7,399
  • 2015: 7,322
  • 2014: 7,226
  • 2013: 7,276
  • 2012: 7,160
  • 2011: 7,177