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10,144 have applied for a degree programme at Aarhus University

As expected, applications to Denmark’s higher education degree programmes have increased this year – this also applies to Aarhus University, which has received 5% more first-choice applications compared to last year. Preliminary figures show that engineering and IT degree programmes have seen the greatest increase.

The final deadline for applications to Denmark’s higher education programmes was 12:00 on 5 July. It was expected that more young people would apply this year due to coronavirus. 

This trend is reflected in the number of applicants to Aarhus University. Preliminary figures show that 10,158 applicants selected a degree programme at Aarhus University as their first choice - 5% more than last year. Pro-rector Berit Eika welcomes the many applicants.

"It's gratifying that so many people are looking at our wide range of research-based degree programmes. Society needs a highly educated workforce, and I'm pleased that we at Aarhus University have made it possible for more young people to get started on their degree programmes this year. We can hopefully look forward to many qualified and motivated applicants in the pile," says Berit Eika.

Biggest increase in Nat and Tech programmes

At Aarhus University, the largest increase can be found at the technical and natural science programmes. The engineering degree programmes have experienced an overall increase of 12% among first-priority applicants, while the university's IT programmes have seen a 25% increase. This greatly pleases the pro-rector.

"The labour market is looking for technical and digital competencies, and for a number of years, we have been working hard to expand our programmes in the area of engineering and digitalisation. The number of applications show that young people have spotted these opportunities," says Berit Eika.

She also points out that AU has just submitted a proposal for consultation on a reorganisation of the area of engineering, which will combine and strengthen the technical-scientific environments at the university – an initiative that will benefit students and improve their qualifications for a demanding labour market. 

Increase for classical language programmes

In addition to engineering and IT degree programmes, it is worth mentioning that the number of applicants to the English and German language programmes have also increased significantly. They have also received considerably more first-choice applications.

This year, Aarhus University has received a total of 28,865 applications – corresponding to a 9% increase from 2019.

On 28 July, all applicants to Aarhus University will find out if they have been admitted.

Preliminary figures show how applications are distributed across the various fields of study.

Faculty of Arts (including humanities programmes)

The Faculty of Arts has received 8,297 applications, of which 2,773 were first-choice applications. There has been an increase in applications to most of the degree programmes – particularly English, German, Digital Design, Information studies, Scandinavian languages and Literature, Dramaturgy, and Theology. 


Aarhus BSS (degree programmes in business and social sciences)

Aarhus BSS has received 9,825 applications, of which 3,600 were first-choice applications. The increase is most noticeable at the Psychology, Social Science and Business Administration programmes.


Faculty of Health (health sciences degree programmes)

The Faculty of Health has received 4,706 applications, of which 1,691 were first-choice applications. The Public Health Science programme has seen a particular increase, and so has e.g. Clinical Medicine.


Faculty of Natural Sciences (natural sciences degree programmes)

The Faculty of Natural Sciences has received 2,642 applications, of which 917 were first-choice applications. The greatest increase can be seen in the Computer Science, Data Science, IT Product Development as well as Mathematics and Mathematics-Economics programmes.


The Faculty of Techninal Sciences (technical degree programmes)

The Faculty of Technical Sciences has received 3,032 applications, of which 1,163 were first-choice applications. The increase can be seen across the majority of engineering degree programmes – particularly the Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Technology, Chemistry and Food Technology, Construction and Electronics programmes. Furthermore, the new Mechanical Engineering programme has gotten off to a good start.


NB: Det samlede antal førsteprioritetsansøgninger blev 7/7 justeret fra 10.158 til 10.144, da de endelige tal forelå. Ansøgertal til de enkelte fakulteter er også blevet opdateret.