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Brexit – how will it affect you as a student?

The United Kingdom has left the EU. The transition period expires on December 31st 2020 and the negotiations with EU currently appear to be paused. This means that the conditions for British citizens are changing effective January 1st 2021.

Currently enrolled full degree students

Are British citizens liable to pay tuition fees and application fees?

  • According to EU law on free movement, British citizens residing permanently or legally in Denmark before 1 January 2021 are exempt from paying tuition fees. This applies to new as well as currently enrolled students. In addition, applicants to full-degree programmes are exempt from paying application fee.

What are the documentation requirements?

  • According to EU law on free movement, documentation of permanent residency in Denmark is an EU residence card issued before 1 January 2021.
  • After 1 January 2021, British citizens must provide a so-called EU registration card obtained through the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI).
  • You can apply for an EU registration card through SIRI’s website newtodenmark.dk as of 1 January 2021.
  • Your current EU residence card will be sufficient documentation until you have received your new EU registration card from SIRI. Applications will be processed by SIRI during 2021 until early 2022.

Prospective full degree students from January 2021

British citizens without permanent residency or legal residency according to EU law on free movement in Denmark before 1 January 2021 must pay tuition fees.

However, applicants who submit their application for admission to full-degree programmes before 1 January 2021 are exempt from paying the application fee. If admitted, those students must, however, pay tuition fees.

Kindly direct your questions regarding admission to full-degree programmes at AU to the relevant Admission Office:

The Brexit page on the AU Master’s guide.

Prospective exchange students from January 2021

How will Brexit affect the Erasmus+ programme?

Brexit is expected to lead to changes for Erasmus+. While the outcome of the negotiations between the EU and the UK is not yet known, you will find the latest information on how the UK's exit from the EU will affect organisations and individuals here.

British exchange students attending AU from spring 2021

Aarhus University expects to continue exchanging students with our British partners, whether this will be in an Erasmus or in a non-Erasmus+ framework. Please contact your home university for any updates regarding exchange possibilities. 

Attending AU Summer University on a fee paying basis (free-mover) in the summer 2021

British citizens without permanent residency or legal residency according to EU law on free movement in Denmark before 1 January 2021 must pay NON-EU tuition fees.

Residence permits for Denmark

British students arriving after December 31st 2020 as exchange students or full degree students are obliged to apply for a residence permit in order to start studying in Denmark. The application form (ST1 form) will be sent to you from AU through your self-service account (exchange students) or online (full degree students).

As soon as Aarhus University has confirmed information concerning the future status of UK students, it will be available here and on the below government websites: