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Apply for housing through AU - interns and guest students

  • AU housing has a limited number of furnished rooms and studios available for temporary accommodation (from 1 and up to 12 months) for international interns, guest students, Erasmus placements, freemovers, and other international students on a shorter stay at Aarhus University.
  • AU Housing doesn't offer a housing guarantee, and you should therefore also look for other options.
  • Unfortunately, AU Housing can't offer housing for interns from 1.7.-31.10.
  • AU Housing offers housing to students who have not previously stayed in Denmark. If you have previously lived in Denmark, you should look for options at the private market instead.
  • If you are looking for short term accommodation (less than one month) please use this link


When you fill in your housing application form, you can indicate what kind of accommodation you would prefer, but, due to the limited number of rooms available, we cannot guarantee to offer you a specific room.

Housing options for interns, Erasmus placements and guest students, Aarhus

Read here about the different housing options offred by AU Housing. Be aware, that it is not possible to apply for housing in a specific location, but you can at your housing application instead prioritize different types of housing. Minimum stay is one month, but applicants applying for a longer stay are prioritized.

Living on or off campus?

Traditionally universities in Denmark don't have accommodation facilities at campus, and both students and staff live outside campus. AU disposes of a few rooms on campus, but most rooms are located off campus, normally with a travel time to campus of maximum 30 minutes by public transportation. 

Therefore you have to be prepared to commute to/from campus every day. You can use www.journeyplanner.dk to find information about busses and trams. Many applicants worry a great deal about this fact, but the public transportation in Aarhus is fast and convenient and after a few days you will get used to it. 

Facts about living in a dorm


Important about accommodation at a dormitory

  • Minimum stay is one month (the IC Dorm) and in most dorms it is three months. It is not possible to pay per night and the minimum price is therefore one months’ rent. Do you need accommodation for less than one month, please book a room at a guesthouse, hostel or hotel.
  • As a rule, contracts start on the 1st of the month and end on the last day of the month. However, the IC Dorm and some of the dorms listed under Other dorms also offer contracts from/to the 15th of the month.
  • You can move in on the 1st unless the 1st is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday. In that case you can move in on the following Monday.
  • You are responsible for the cleaning of your room and common areas (kitchen).
  • You must respect the house rules and participate in the public duties listed there.
  • The dormitory doesn’t have permanent staff and eventual problems or questions can be answered at the housing reception on weekdays 10am-2pm or at housing@au.dk. There is no staff present outside these hours.