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Who can apply?

AU Housing allocates rooms on a first come - first served basis. You need to send in your housing application MINIMUM two months before you want your lease to start. Due to the difficult housing situation we recommend that you send in your housing application before 1 May, if you plan to start your studies in August or September and before 1 November, if you start your studies in January/February. You can send in your housing application before your admission is confirmed and before you have paid an eventual tuition fee. If you receive and accept a housing offer and subsequently find out that you are not admitted to AU, you can cancel your reservation.

Note that you can live in accommodation allocated via AU Housing for a maximum of 12 months. 12 months are not guaranteed but depend on availability at a given time. If you are going to stay for longer, you will be expected to find a housing solution yourself during your months in temporary accommodation. We recommend that you sign up at the waiting list at www.lejehuset.dk as early as possible and explore the options at the private housing market.

AU Housing doesn't offer a housing guarantee and you should therefore also explore other ways to find housing in Herning.   

AU Housing charges a booking fee of 600 DKK IF you accept a housing offer from AU Housing.