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Application process for full degree students in Herning via AU Housing

Before starting your housing application please make sure to read about the possibility of, and conditions for, sharing a room with a roommate as well as the full Terms and Conditions for the AU Housing service.

Before starting your application, we advise you to read the step-by-step guide below. 

For us to better help you, we request that you fill out/submit the housing application a minimum of two months before you wish your lease to start.

Create a self-service account

  1. Before you can start filling out any forms you need to create a self-service account via www.mit.au.dk. It is important that you remember/save your login information as you will need to access your self-service account regularly.
    Do you need more help to set up a self-service account? Find a detailed guide here.

Housing application form

  1. After creating a self-service account, you can log into your account and click the link called 'Herning Full Degree students', which is listed under 'Applications>Housing application forms' 
  2. You can now start filling out the housing application form with all the necessary details. Remember to press the 'save' button on each page as you fill out the form.
  3. If you don't have a contact person yet, please write 'None'.
  4. If you have not yet been admitted, please choose 'AU Herning', if you intend to study in Herning.
  5. After you have filled out the last section titled "Housing", you must again click 'save'. Only after you have clicked 'save', can you click on the "Submit application" button to submit your application to us. You will shortly after receive a confirmation via your private email address, which you have listed in the application. 

Housing offer

  1. If AU Housing is able to find a room for you, you will receive a housing offer by email.
  2. Through this email you will gain access to the Housing reservation system, where you need to either confirm or decline your housing offer within 2 days of receiving the email. It is therefore very important for you to regularly check your email.
  3. If you want to confirm your housing offer, press the 'confirm' button.


  1. When you have pressed the 'confirm' button, you will be directed to the payment page, where you will be asked to pay the first month's rent with a credit card. For your information, a security deposit will be charged later on together with the second month's rent. Additionally, it is important to remember, for future payments, that it is only possible to pay your rent through our online payment system using a credit card. 
  2. When you have paid the first month's rent you will receive a receipt of your payment. Please notice that your housing reservation is not valid before you have paid the first month's rent and received a receipt. 
  3. Make sure that you have read the full Terms and Conditions of the AU housing service, which includes relevant information, such as the cancellation policy.

Contract & Key

You can pick up your key and leasing contract at the Reception, BTECH, Birk Centerpark 15, 7400 Herning. Office hours Monday-Thursday from 8am to 2pm, Friday from 8am to 12.30noon. However, we always suggest that you contact Heidi Maibritt Trampedach Larsen - heidi@btech.au.dk to make an appointment for picking up your keys and leasing contract. If you arrive outside office hours you need to arrange short term accommodation yourself.  

Questions? Please contact housing@au.dk

Detailed guides

Below you can find detailed guides that can help you if you get stuck in the process of creating a self-service account or filling out the housing application form.