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Prices overview

 Below you find indicative prices for rooms in Aarhus allocated via AU Housing.  

AU Housing offers these types of housing:

1.       Single room (dorm) - shared bathroom and shared kitchen
2.       Single room (shared house) - shared bathroom and shared kitchen
3.       Single room with private bathroom and shared kitchen
4.       Single room in two-room apartment - bathroom and kitchen shared with one person
5.       Studio apartment  - single room with private kitchen and private bathroom
6.       Two-room apartment – bedroom, living room with kitchen, private bathroom


  • Please note that all rates are subject to change. Most places have a rent increase on 1.8.
  • In addition to your rent, you must also calculate the costs of insurance and media licence, which is not included.
  • It is not possible to share a single room. If you bring your partner, or want to share accommodation with a friend, you need to apply for accommodation allowing two persons (type 6) or, if both of you are students, each of you can apply for a single room in a two-room apartment (type 4).
  • It is not possible to apply for a room in a specific dorm. Therefore, read the housing application instructions carefully.
  • Note that only the Teknolog and Vennelyst dorms allow non-students. As a guest researcher or staff member you cannot live in a student dorm.
Student dorms
NameType of housingMonthly rentDeposit
AASKO kollegiet1 (single)1.998 DKK5.769 DKK
Atriumhuset6 (double) 4942-5507 DKK10.000 DKK
Børglum Kollegiet3 (single)2.471-2.631 DKK7.263-7.599 DKK
Chokoladen 4 (single)2.496 DKK   5.580 DKK  
Christiansbjerg kollegiet5 (single)3.284-3.571 DKK9.702-10.563 DKK
Christianshøj kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.648-4.328 DKK7.000-12.053 DKK
City Norsgade/Vestergade5 (single)4680-4994 DKK7.821-10.000 DKK
Dania kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.492-3.316 DKK7.025-10.126 DKK
Damager kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.684-2.826 DKK6.095 DKK
Egmont Studentergaard3 (single)2.843 DKK8.379 DKK
Fredensgade kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.437-3.114 DKK7.311-9.342 DKK
Grundfos Kollegiet4 (single)2.994 DKK7.000 DKK
Grundtvigs Hus Kollegiet4 (single)3.130 DKK9.240 DKK
Grønnegade Kollegiet5 (single) & 6 (double)2.835 DKK (type 5) 5.467 DKK (type 6)8.355-16.251 DKK
Gustav Wiedsvej1 (single)2.136 DKK5.076 DKK
Gøteborg Alle5 (single) 4344-5033 DKK8.000 DKK
Herredsvej4 (single)2.770 DKK7.325 DKK
Julsøvej5 (single)3.417 DKK3.500 DKK
Ladegårdskollegiet 5 (single) & 6 (double) 2.993 DKK (type 5) 4.577-4.830 DKK (type 6)8.529-14.040 DKK
Mejlgade Kollegiet6 (double)5.572 DKK16.566 DKK
Mindegade Kollegiet 5 (single) & 6 (double) 2.622 DKK (type 5) 5.498 DKK (type 6)7.716-16.344 DKK
Munkegade Kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.394 - 5.075 DKK7.821 - 15.225 DKK
Nørreport Kollegiet5 (single)4.600 DKK10.000 DKK
Nørre Alle Kollegiet3 (single)2.949 DKK8.697 DKK
Otto Mønsted/Teknisk Kollegium1 (single)1.998 DKK5.769 DKK
Rosensgade Kollegiet4 (single)2.717 DKK8.001 DKK
Ryhaven6 (double) 5227 DKK10.000 DKK
Skejbo4 (single)2.539 DKK5.000 DKK
Skejbygårds Kollegiet5 (single)3.069 DKK8.757 DKK
Skejbyparken4 (single)3.018 DKK6.466 DKK
Skelager Kollegiet3, 5 (single)2.971-3.425 DKK7.335 - 8.577 DKK
Skjoldhøj Kollegiet

1, 3, 4 (single),

6 (double)

2.811-2.929 DKK (1,3,4)

5.859 DKK (6)

8.283 - 8.638 DKK (1, 3, 4)

17.277 DKK (6)

Svanekollegiet5 (single)3.647 DKK10.000 DKK
Tandlægekollegiet1, 3 (single)2.541-3.199 DKK7.473-9.447 DKK
Teknologkollegiet1, 3 (single)2.565-2.900 DKK5.000 DKK
Vejlby Kollegiet5 (single)3.222 DKK9.516 DKK
Vennelyst Kollegiet3 (single)2.900 DKK5.000 DKK
Vilhelm Kiers Kollegium3 (single)3.129 DKK9.237 DKK
Universitets Parken1,3 (single)2.705-3.158 DKK4.920-5.730 DKK
Aabykollegiet5 (single)3.548-3.808 DKK9.000 DKK
Åparken5 (single)3.847 DKK8.000 DKK


Shared-Facilities Houses
NameType of housingMonthly RentDeposit
Farsundsvej2 (single)2.506-3.250  DKK6.400 DKK  
Hasle Ringvej 522 (single)2.690-3.360 DKK6400 DKK
Hasle Ringvej 92 A 2 (single)3.250-3.450 DKK  6.000 DKK  
Herredsvej 652 (single)2.800-3.200 DKK6.400 DKK
Skovvangsvej 362, 4 (single)2.945-3.070 DKK 5.400-5.600 DKK
St. Blichersvej 73A2 (single)3.350-3.550 DKK6.000 - 6.400 DKK
Tousvej 702 (single)2.650-3.450 DKK6.400 DKK