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Prices overview

 Below you find indicative prices for rooms in Aarhus allocated via AU Housing.  

AU Housing offers these types of housing:

1.       Single room (dorm) - shared bathroom and shared kitchen
2.       Single room (shared house) - shared bathroom and shared kitchen
3.       Single room with private bathroom and shared kitchen
4.       Single room in two-room apartment - bathroom and kitchen shared with one person
5.       Studio apartment  - private room with kitchen and bathroom
6.       Two-room apartment – bedroom, living room with kitchen, bathroom

A studio apartment is a small apartment, which combines living room, bedroom and kitchen into a single room. 

Please note that all rates are subject to change. Most places have a rent increase on 1.8.

In addition to your rent, you must also calculate the costs of insurance and media licence, which is not included.

It is not possible to share a single room. If you bring your partner, or want to share accommodation with a friend, you need to apply for accommodation allowing two persons (type 6) or, if both of you are students, each of you can apply for a single room in a two-room apartment (type 4).

It is not possible to apply for a room in a specific dorm. Therefore, read the housing application instructions carefully.

Note that only the Teknolog and Vennelyst dorms allow non-students. As a guest researcher or staff member you cannot live in a student dorm.


Student dorms
NameType of housingMonthly rentDeposit
AASKO kollegiet1 (single)1.998 DKK5.769 DKK
Atriumhuset6 (double)4.663-5.227 DKK10.000 DKK
Bronzealdervænget5 (single)3.437 DKK7.222 DKK
Børglum Kollegiet3 (single)2.426-2.539 DKK7.128-7.599 DKK
Chokoladen 4 (single)2.488 DKK   5.580 DKK  
Christiansbjerg kollegiet5 (single)3.284-3.571 DKK9.702-10.563 DKK
Christianshøj kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.648-4.328 DKK7.000-12.053 DKK
Chr. X's kollegium5 (single)3.772-4.413 DKK7.000 DKK
City Norsgade/Vestergade5 (single)2.657-4.616 DKK7.821-10.000 DKK
Dania kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.492-3.316 DKK7.025-10.126 DKK
Damager kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.684-2.826 DKK6.095 DKK
Egmont Studentergaard3 (single)2.792 DKK8.226 DKK
Fredensgade kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.437-3.114 DKK7.311-9.342 DKK
Grenaavej kollegiet1 (single)2.520 DKK7.410 DKK
Grundfos Kollegiet4 (single)2.994 DKK7.000 DKK
Grundtvigs Hus Kollegiet4 (single)3.130 DKK9.240 DKK
Grønnegade Kollegiet5 (single) & 6 (double)2.835 DKK (type 5) 5.467 DKK (type 6)8.355-16.251 DKK
Gustav Wiedsvej1 (single)2.136 DKK5.076 DKK
Gøteborg Alle5 (single)4.147-4.654 DKK8.000 DKK
Herredsvej4 (single)2.770 DKK7.325 DKK
Julsøvej5 (single)3.417 DKK3.500 DKK
Ladegårdskollegiet 5 (single) & 6 (double) 2.993 DKK (type 5) 4.577-4.830 DKK (type 6)8.529-14.040 DKK
Mejlgade Kollegiet6 (double)5.572 DKK16.566 DKK
Mindegade Kollegiet 5 (single) & 6 (double) 2.622 DKK (type 5) 5.498 DKK (type 6)7.716-16.344 DKK
Munkegade Kollegiet4, 5 (single)2.394 - 5.075 DKK7.821 - 15.225 DKK
Nørreport Kollegiet5 (single)4.600 DKK10.000 DKK
Nørre Alle Kollegiet3 (single)2.949 DKK8.697 DKK
Otto Mønsted/Teknisk Kollegium1 (single)1.998 DKK5.769 DKK
Ravnsbjerg Kollegiet3 (single)2.620 DKK7.860 DKK
Rosensgade Kollegiet4 (single)2.629 DKK7.887 DKK
Ryhaven6 (double)5.227 DKK10.000 DKK
Rønnehegnet4 (single)2.244 DKK5.000 DKK
Skejbo4 (single)2.539 DKK5.000 DKK
Skejbygårds Kollegiet5 (single)3.069 DKK8.757 DKK
Skejbyparken4 (single)3.018 DKK6.466 DKK
Skelager Kollegiet3, 5 (single)2.971-3.425 DKK7.335 - 8.577 DKK
Skjoldhøj Kollegiet

1, 3, 4 (single),

6 (double)

2.811-2.929 DKK (1,3,4)

5.859 DKK (6)

8.283 - 8.638 DKK (1, 3, 4)

17.277 DKK (6)

Stavnsvej4 (single)2.455 DKK5.391 DKK
Stenaldervejkollegiet3 (single)2.856 DKK8.418 DKK
Svanekollegiet5 (single)3.647 DKK10.000 DKK
Tandlægekollegiet1, 3 (single)2.541-3.199 DKK7.473-9.447 DKK
Teknologkollegiet1, 3 (single)2.565-2.900 DKK5.000 DKK
Vejlby Kollegiet5 (single)3.222 DKK9.516 DKK
Vennelyst Kollegiet3 (single)2.900 DKK5.000 DKK
Vilhelm Kiers Kollegium3 (single)2.856 DKK8.418 DKK
Universitets Parken1,3 (single)2.695-3.148 DKK4.920-5.730 DKK
Aabykollegiet5 (single)3.548-3.808 DKK9.000 DKK
Åparken5 (single)3.847 DKK8.000 DKK


Shared-Facilities Houses
NameType of housingMonthly RentDeposit
Hasle Ringvej 92 A 2 (single)3.250-3.450 DKK  6.000 DKK  
Herredsvej 652 (single)2.800-3.200 DKK6.400 DKK
Skovvangsvej 362, 4 (single)2.945-3.070 DKK 5.400-5.600 DKK
St. Blickersvej 73A2 (single)3.350-3.550 DKK6.000 - 6.400 DKK
Tousvej 702 (single)2.650-3.450 DKK6.400 DKK