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About student housing Aarhus

What is student housing Aarhus?
Student Housing Aarhus allocates the rooms in most of the halls of residence in Aarhus. Student housing Aarhus is a collaboration between different housing distributors in Aarhus, so students only need to apply for a room in a dorm in one single place.

In order to be offered housing via Student Housing Aarhus, you need to be able to document that you are enrolled at a institution of education (for instance AU) and an active student. As an intern you are normally not enrolled at AU and therefore NOT able to document that you are an active student (in Denmark). In that case, you can't apply for housing at Student Housing Aarhus.

Be aware, that the waiting time from application to housing offer is rather long (minimum 4-6 months), that rooms are unfurnished and that this type of accommodation is not suitable for shorter stays (minimum 3 months.)